Competition Day Schedule

The following schedule may change but this should give you an idea of when to arrive. It is very important to arrive on time as check in and safety evaluation can get quite hectic.

Basic schedule for MATE PNW ROV Challenge day

07:30-09:30     Team/Company Check In
07:30-07:45     Safety Judge meeting
07:45-10:15     ROV Safety checks
08:45-09:30     Diver's meeting
09:00-09:45     Judges & captains meetings - all classes
10:30-12:00     Rounds 1-3 of Competition - all classes
12:00-13:00     Lunch
12:00-13:00     Explorer Class Qualifying
13:00-15:30     Rounds 4-8 of Competition - all classes
15:30-16:30     Team packup, pool station teardown
15:30-15:45     Final Scoring by Judges
15:45-16:30     Judges final meeting
16:30-17:00     Awards Presentation
17:00           Depart facility