PNW Regional Specifics

Hello all!

As we get closer to the date, we want to remind you of some rule changes and specifications for the Pacific Northwest Regional. Please find them below.

Additionally, registration is officially closed. Thank you to all the teams who have registered, we're going to have a great competition this year! Mentors, we need to have every member of your team registered for this event. All our waivers and hold harmless agreements are electronic and we must have the parents complete the student registration. If you have questions about this or are having issues with, contact me immediately. This is not something that can wait until competition day.

And as always, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or write. This is crunch time and we make ourselves available to you as much as we can.

Good luck!

Pacific Northwest MATE ROV Challenge

Regional Specifics, 2017

Date:   May 13, 2017
Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center
650 SW Campus Drive
Federal Way, WA 98023


Pool Depths:
3 meters for Scout and Navigator Class
5 meters for Ranger Class
(both are effectively flat bottomed)


Activities not required or scored:

  • Technical Report (all classes)
  • Job Safety Analysis (Ranger Class)


Available for bonus points:

  • Outreach & Inspiration (10 pts max)


Missions/Demonstrations not available:

  • Ranger Class only - Task 3: Environmental Cleanup: Collecting a Sediment Sample (all other parts of that task, including collecting clams and covering the sediment site, are available) Showing a collection device on your vehicle may earn up to 5 points.


We will apply a scale-factor to the communications portions (Company Spec Sheet, Product Presentation, and Marketing Display) that will make them equal to the points available in the demonstrations (Product Demonstration, Safety & Organizational Effectiveness at Demo). So even if you have an ROV that is not performing well underwater, you may be able to score well in this Challenge.