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PNW Regional Specifics

Hello all!

As we get closer to the date, we want to remind you of some rule changes and specifications for the Pacific Northwest Regional. Please find them below.

Prop Building and Mission Overview Workshop

Morning all!

Next Saturday (28th) we will have our prop building and mission overview workshop. The schedule is below, I hope we will see you all there. Since our space is somewhat limited, please do not bring your entire team to this workshop. A team mentor, CEO and CTO should be more than sufficient and would allow us to fit everyone in. Please read the mission documents before you come so you are ready with questions for Stanley.

Registration is Open!

Hello PNW ROV Challenge Teams amd 2elcome to the 2017 season! All mission documents are posted and should be reviewed ASAP. Please ask questions early, either to us here at the regional or to the MATE Competition Forums.


Thank you all for participating in this year’s MATE Pacfic Northwest Regional ROV Challenge - it was a great day! The vehicles were fascinating, the competition stiff, and all proceeded (mostly) smoothly to our final awards presentation. The individual scores and awards are shown below - congratulations to all! Special thanks to our sponsors and groups that came with extra experiences, including Ocean Gate Foundation, UW-ROV, MTS Student Section, and foundry10 - we appreciate the extra bit of inspiration you provided beyond MATE’s missions.